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Randall Upchurch grew up on a poultry and cattle farm in Lineville, AL. His family has been in the poultry business for over 50 years.

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Blackbelt Farm Four House Breeder Farm in Sumter County, AL

Blackbelt Farms is a four house breeder hen farm in Sumter County, AL. This farm grows for Koch Foods out of Forest, MS. The houses are 42x500 put in production...

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Aragon Poultry Farm, Four House Broiler Farm in Polk County, GA

Aragon Poultry Farm is a four house Broiler Farm located near Aragon in Polk County. The farm is a total of 26+/- acres. The poultry houses are 40x500 with two ...

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Cave Spring Farm Broiler and Cattle Farm 80+/- Acres

Cave Springs Farm is a three house broiler farm on 80+/- acres in Floyd County, Georgia. The farm has 40×500 houses of which two were built in the early 199...

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Hasty Farm-Two House Breeder Hen Farm in Houston County, AL

Hasty Farm is a two breeder hen farm located near Ashford, AL in Houston County. This farm grows for Perdue Farms and holds around 24,000 hens total. The houses...

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Cave Springs Farm-Three House Broiler Farm on 95+/- Acres in Floyd County

Cave Springs Farm is a three house broiler farm on 95+/- acres in Floyd County, Georgia. The farm has 40×500 houses of which two were built in th...

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SALE PENDING!! Niles Road Farm-New Construction 4 Broiler House Farm in Mar...

NEW CONSTRUCTION, Why build when you can go right into production with a new farm!! Niles Road Farm is four house broiler farm located in Marshall County. This...

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Four House Broiler Farm in Barbour County, AL

F&J Farms is a four house broiler farm located in Clio, AL in Barbour County. This farm has 4 40×500 believed to be built in the late 1990s. Thi...

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PRICE REDUCED!!! Four House Broiler Farm in Cullman County-Tucker Poultry F...

Tucker Poultry is a four house broiler farm located in the Baileyton area of Cullman County. This farm has four houses that are 40'x400', three were built in 20...

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Four House Broiler Farm in Pike County

Castillo Banks Farm is a four house broiler farm located in Pike County, AL. This farm has 2 40x400 that are believed to be built in the early to mid 1990s and ...

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Two House Broiler Farm in Walker County, AL

Jenkins Farm is a two house broiler farm on 33+/- acres of land. The poultry houses are 40x500 built in 1998. Currently this farm is contracted with MarJac ...

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Gross Income vs Net Income on Poultry Farms

| Farm Cash Flow Blog | August 17, 2017

Through marketing poultry farms, we get the opportunity to review farm’s financial information. This will include income, expenses, and mortgage payments. Often times we advertise a Gross Income for a farm. Sometimes there is confusion on Gross Income versus Net Income. Past that many buyers may ask “What will my Net Income be for this farm?”. Most of the time as an agent we cannot answer that question. Net incomes will be a moving target that is based mainly on the lenders assignment or minimum payment. Then management styles from producer to producer will differ greatly. That will result in variables in expenses like Power, Water, and Gas for Heating.

Gross Income refers to the total amount that the producer is paid from the Integrator. This will be the amount stated on the IRS Form 1099 issued at the end of the tax year. Every penny paid to the producer will be reflected on the 1099. From the gross income, in most cases, the producer will pay Power, Water, Heating Gas, Maintenance, Insurance, Labor, and other expenses related to owning a farm. The bulk of the Gross Income will be paid to the lender in the form of an assignment payment. Depending on the type of farm, the lender involved, and the buyer’s financial status, assignments can range from 45-65% of the Gross Annual Income. If the farm produces $200,000 of Gross Annual Income and the lender has a 50% assignment, the producer will pay around $100,000+/- in principal and interest annually. The remaining $100,000.00 is the amount the producer will pay the production expenses from. There are no set percentages that will accurately calculate the expenses for a farm. Each farm and producer will operate at different levels of expense. For example if the total annual expenses for the farm were 30%, that would be $60,000 in expenses. The Net Income will be $40,000.00. These are just examples to give you an idea of how to figure the Net Income.

When it comes to taxes there are multiple factors that a producer can use to lower their taxable income level. We encourage everyone to seek the guidance of an experienced accountant.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the cash flow of a farm. We will provide you the information we have about a farm. We can also refer you to a qualified group of lenders that can discuss your situation and the farm you are considering.


Randall Upchurch

Farm Agent

Southeastern Land Group



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