1. Does the agent have experience in poultry production and other agricultural pursuits that often accompany poultry operations? It is vitally important to understand the issues specific to poultry that buyers and sellers often face.
  2. Does the agent have experience in getting a poultry farm to a closing? All of the marketing in the world is useless without actual closed sales. Take a look below at some of our closed transactions.
  3. Is the agent knowledgeable in financing a poultry farm, FSA Guidelines, and environmental requirements? You likely navigated through this maze when you decided to become a poultry producer. We help streamline this process and put the buyers and sellers on the right path.
  4. Is the agent familiar with integrator standards for upgrades and requirements for a contract? If the buyer and seller have not addressed this issue, the sale is a long way from being completed. We have successfully worked with many integrators to know how to structure a deal that can close.
  5. Does the agent have the right advertising outlets to gain the interest of prospective poultry farm buyers? Poultry operations are not houses in town, and should not be marketed that way. We have countless hours into getting to the right buyers. PoultrySouth.com is well recognized, and targeted directly at this group of buyers.
  6. Can the agent help assess a fair market value of the poultry operation and the underlying real estate value? Valuing income streams, dirt value, useful life…all things that a successful agent representing a poultry farm seller needs to be able to do effectively.
  7. Is the agent a member of the Realtor’s Land Institute? RLI is a nationally recognized network of brokers who specialize in marketing land and farm properties. Not all agents are. RLI members are professionals.