You put in long hours, hard days (and sometimes nights), take risks that others would not, raise your family to know what good honest work is, and you keep on going long after others would have given up.  Farming isn’t easy.  It is honorable.  Farmers are essential.  The world depends upon you.   The PoultrySouth Team is dedicated to helping farmers like you, so that you can keep doing the work of taking care of us.   Thank you.

Just like you love to see the fruits of your labor help other people, the PoultrySouth Team at Southeastern Land Group loves to help our farmers pass along the time-honored tradition of the farm lifestyle.  Our goal is to be there for you, every step of the way.  

Farmers are not like other people.  Farms are not like other real estate.   Marketing and selling farms for farmers is what we do.   Our processes, our efforts are all focused on helping our farmer-sellers get all the way from deciding if now is the right time to sell through a successful closing.  We evaluate, provide guidance and advice, help you execute a successful marketing strategy, qualify buyers, show farms, help negotiate and write contracts, help buyers with farm financing programs, work with lenders, government agencies, appraisers, equipment dealers and installers, help mitigate biosecurity risks, work with poultry companies, insurance agents, attorneys…and we help you get to the closing table.   Our team is trained and our processes are built around helping the farmer-seller every step of the way of the process of getting a farm sold.  

Poultry farmers can’t stop doing the work once birds are in the houses.  They have to see them all the way through the flock.  We believe in taking care of our farmers the same way.   Every step of the way.  From the beginning to the end…always willing to put in the extra hard work that it takes to make it successful for our client, you.   Too often, non-farmers don’t see all the work it takes to get their food on their plate.   To them, it looks almost effortless sometimes.  We know different because we have lived and worked the farm ourselves.  The same goes for doing the good work of marketing and selling farms.  Unless you do it every day, you don’t see the hard hours, extra-long days, and all the work that goes into preparing to just start the day’s duties.   Selling and marketing farms is a lot like farming.   It only works right when you are there every step of the way.  

If you are thinking of selling or trying to decide if now is the right time, we can help.   Our consultation is without charge to our farmers, and we only get paid after we are there every step of the way to the closing table…just like you have to take all the risk and put in the long hours before you can get paid for farming.  

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.

Colossians 3:23

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