We wanted to help poultry farmers…

The concept for PoultrySouth, LLC was started in 2012 when Robert King and Randall Upchurch, both experienced land brokers, saw a need for qualified marketing and sales assitance to help poultry farmers buy and sell.  Poultry farms are a unique niche, even in the world of farm sales, and not every agent has the specialized knowledge and experience to understand the needs of the poultry farmer. 

Robert and Randall set out to create a platform from which to promote their poultry farm client’s properties.  PoultrySouth.com came into being in 2013. It is now the go to web portal for poultry farms for sale in Alabama, Georgia, and throughout the Southeast.  PoultrySouth, LLC is a marketing company affiliated Southeastern Land Group.  Robert and Randall are both contributors to Southeastern Land Group’s weekly radio show and podcast, The Land Show.  

At PoultrySouth, LLC, we understand the unique needs of the poultry farmer.  Things like bio-security, cash flows, poultry house construction, poultry equipment, intergrator requirements, poultry farm lending, government regulations, residentail housing needs for poultry farmers, and the other farming operations often associated with poultry like beef cattle or crop production are all within the specialized knowledge and experience that Robert and Randall seek to use to effectively transition buyers and sellers throughout the poultry farm transaction.


Meet the PoultrySouth Team

Robert King

PoultrySouth Co-Founder
Tennessee Broker for Southeastern Land Group


Randall Upchurch

PoultrySouth Co-Founder


Behind the PoultrySouth Brand