Mt. Moriah Farm Mt. Moriah Broiler Farm is a nine house farm located in Clay County, Alabama in the Delta Community. This farm is currently growing for Koch Foods Ashland complex on a 6lb all female bird. This farm will require a $300,000 or more down payment. Interested parties will be asked to prove the […]

64 acres

Triple H Poultry 9 House Broiler Farm Triple H Poultry is a 9 house broiler farm located in Southeast Tennessee just north of Chatsworth Georgia and just south of Cleveland Tennessee. There are five 40×500 houses built in 2006 and four 40×500 houses built in 2005. 2 generators, Choretronics 2 controllers, 2 stack sheds, an […]

31 acres

CIRCLE STARR FARM Circle Starr Farm is a four house Broiler Farm located near Starr, South Carolina in Anderson County. This farm consists of 50×500 houses built in 2006. Currently growing for Columbia Farms, Greenville Complex on a 9lb bird. The farm has 25+/- acres and a dwelling included. The farm is equipped with: Choretime […]

25 acres

Dixieland Farm is a 3 Mega-house farm located in Horton, Alabama.  Currently growing a 7 lb bird for Tyson Foods Albertville on a 49 day grow out.  Two of the  66×500 houses were built in 2012 and one in 2014.  This farm is VERY well maintained. There is a 2,000 sq ft brick home, a 40×60 […]

45 acres

Big Mac Farm is an 8 house broiler farm located in Randolph County, AL near Lineville. The farm grows a 6lb bird for Koch Foods Ashland Complex. This farm has the following houses 2 43 x 510 4 40×500 2 40×400 These houses are all up to date for Koch Foods standard. The projected gross […]

35 acres

Day’s Pullet Farm is located in Covington County, AL near Opp. The farm was built in 2016 and has Four  40×520 Pullet Houses. The four structures are considered a six house Pullet Farm. The farm currently raises pullets for Wayne Farms. This farm is paid by the square foot and has a consistent pay as […]

22 acres

Meadowbrook Farm is a three house broiler farm located in Bradley County, Tennessee near the community of Old Fort. This farm has three 54×500 houses built in 2013 currently growing for Koch Foods Chattanooga Complex on a 4lb bird.(This farm has more square footage than a four house 40×500 farm would.)  Gross annual income on […]

24 acres

Jewel Farm Jewel Farm is a 2 house breeder farm located in Dayton, TN. Set on 15 acres, these houses are very well maintained and remodeled about 5 years ago. This farm is contracted with Koch’s Foods. There is a mobile home located on the property. The 40×400 houses were originally built in 1997 as […]

15 acres

Foundry Farm is a four house broiler farm in Midway, Greene County, Tennessee. Foundry Farm is contracted with Koch’s Foods Morristown growing a 5.25 lb bird. Gross annual income projected at $216,000 for 6 flocks. The 42×500 houses were built in 2005 and have solid sidewalls, Rotem Controllers, Agri-Alert alarm system, Cumberland feeders, and are […]

13.5 acres

The R&J Farm consists of 10 total poultry houses, about 118 acres, a home, a lake, a pond, a stack shed, equipment barn, office, and doublewide mobile home.  R&J Farm projects to have a gross annual income of about $600,000 per year growing 5 flocks per year with an 8.1 lb target weight for the […]

118 acres

Clem Pullet Farm is a 5 house Pullet Farm located in Carroll County, GA near the town of Whitesburg and Clem. This farm has 50+/- acres, 4 pullet houses, and one rooster house. This farm grows for Koch Foods. The farm has a historical gross annual income of $180,000+/-. Features of the Farm: 4 40×440 […]

50 acres

The Ashley Farm is a four house Broiler Farm located in Lawrence County, AL near the Mt Hope Community. This farm has two 40×500 built in 2000 and two 54×500 built in 2013. The farm currently grows for MarJac Farms raising a 4lb bird. There is a site built two story home that is a […]

14 acres