The McKinney Farm is a four house Broiler Farm located in Colbert County, AL near Russellville. This farm has 40×500 houses that were built in the mid 90s. The farm grows an 9lb bird for the Pilgrims Complex in Russellville. Updates for this farm are estimated to be between $300,000 to $350,000. Gross Annual Income […]

52 acres

Jarrett Farm is a six house broiler farm located in Morgan County, AL near the town of Joppa. This farm has 45+/- Acres with around 30 acres being is pasture. Jarrett Farm currently grows for Wayne Farms on a 9lb bird and the historical gross income has been between $242,000-$300,000 The poultry houses were built […]

45 acres

Living the Dream Farm is a 5 House Broiler Farm located near Ranburne, AL in Cleburne County. This farm includes one Mega House 66×600 built in 2012 and 4 40×400 built in 1996 & 1997. The farm consists of 50+/- acres of mostly pasture including some fertile creek bottomland. The farm has a four bedroom […]

50 acres

Mt. Moriah Farm Mt. Moriah Broiler Farm is a nine house farm located in Clay County, Alabama in the Delta Community. This farm is currently growing for Koch Foods Ashland complex on a 6lb all female bird. This farm will require a $300,000 or more down payment. Interested parties will be asked to prove the […]

64 acres

Over Easy Farm is a 4 house Breeder Hen Farm located in Southern Randolph County near Wadley. This farm has two 40×400 houses built in 2019 and two 40×400 houses that have been updated in 2020 and 2021. The farm has 60+/- acres that includes cross fenced pasture and Cedar Creek frontage. The farm has […]

Clem Pullet Farm is a 5 house Pullet Farm located in Carroll County, GA near the town of Whitesburg and Clem. This farm has 50+/- acres, 4 pullet houses, and one rooster house. This farm grows for Koch Foods. The farm has a historical gross annual income of $180,000+/-. Features of the Farm: 4 40×440 […]

50 acres

Garrett Farm is a two house broiler farm with 114+/- of mostly pasture. This farm is located in the Asbury community of Marshall County, Alabama. The farm has two homes, cattle working facilities, shop, hay barn, lake, and cross fenced pasture. The poultry houses are 40×400 and were built in 2012. They are not in […]

114 acres

Wendy Hill Farm is a four house broiler farm located in the Ragland area of St. Clair County, Alabama. The farm has 50+/- acres which is mostly fenced pasture including No Business Creek and a nice pond. The poultry houses are all 40×500 with two being built in 1997 and two built in 2004. They […]

50 acres

Danny Lee Farms is a six house Broiler Farm located in the Woodland area of Randolph County, Alabama. There are 34+/- acres that is mostly pasture and a small pond. The farm grows for Koch Foods Pine Mountain Complex, raising a 8.5 lb all male bird. The potential gross cash flow for the farm is […]

34 acres

Gravitt Farm is a Cattle and a four house Broiler Farm located near Calhoun, Georgia in Gordon County. This farm has four 40×500 houses built in 2006, 95+/- acres of cross fenced pasture with frontage on Salacoa Creek, and a two story dwelling with 5 Bedrooms and 2.5 Baths. This farm is a great opportunity […]

95 acres

SELLER CONCESSION TO THE BUYER see below for more details. Oliver Farm is an eight house Broiler and Cattle Farm located near Newsite, AL in northern Tallapoosa County, AL.  With over 90+/- acres, Brick Home, and several barns. Growing an 8.5 lb all males bird for Koch Foods Pine Mountain Complex. The farm has the […]

90 acres

Wiginton Farm is a four house broiler farm located in Marion County, AL near Hackleburg, AL. This farm has four 40×500 houses built in 1998. The farm was in production with Pilgrim’s Russellville complex growing a big bird. The farm is not in production currently. We have an update quote for Pilgrim’s of around $340,000.00 […]

120 acres