$ 1,400,000.00

Unnamed Road, Willisburg, KY 40078, USA


Fairfield Farm is an Organic Free Range Egg Farm located near Willisburg, Kentucky. This 165+/- acre farm, with 50 acres being a Certified Organic Farm and not only has the egg production but also cattle and hay production. The farm is contracted with Egg Innovations out of Warsaw, Indiana. The gross annual income for the egg production is around $170,000. This does not include the sale of any organic litter from the houses, the owner can name their price for the litter and sell it with ease. Expenses including labor runs around $45,000 annually. This egg house was built in 2016 and is 52×520. This is built to be a 40 year structure. There is an egg packer that does most of the work on gathering eggs. The house is designed to let the birds out in a free range area several hours each day.


Day to Day Requirements

It takes 1 person about 4 hours daily to perform the day to day operations.  2 hours in the morning and 2 in the evening.  The morning chore times are at the discretion of the owner but currently happen from 8-10 am.  Some producers prefer to do them earlier and then work off the farm which is suitable as well.  The evening chores are also at the discretion of the owner.  Daily requirements are checking the control panel for alarms to make sure the feed and water are running smoothly, walking the barn to check for sick or injured birds, pick up floor eggs, and check the daily maintenance and feed levels to make sure the feeders ran with the timers.  Next, doors are opened to allow the birds outside access, and then eggs are ran and stacked with the packing machine.  Usually an attempt is made to run 9,000 eggs in the morning, to take pressure off the belt.  Last, recordings are made of feed intake, water intake, temperatures, floor eggs, etc.…  The egg room is cleaned to finish the morning chores.  The afternoon chores are the same and the pallets for the day are wrapped and stored in the walk-in cooler.  Eggs are picked up by the company once per week to be taken to the plant in Warsaw for cleaning, sorting, and packaging.  Feed is also delivered about every 10 days.

The facility

The facility was built with a 40-year lifespan.  Extra supports for the roof to help with snow load, spray foam insulation, LED lighting, PVC wall panels to resist rust, number 1 grade metal on the outside of the building, and 600 yards of concrete in the footers and floors.  The barn is fully automated with a control panel to control temperature, ventilation, fans, feeding, bird scales, safe proof feeders to prevent feed spills, camera system that can be remotely accessed via phone or computer, nest boxes that close on timers, etc.…  The building is also built with additional roosting poles for ample bird space, additional waterers, feed space, and litter is confined below the birds to cut down on ammonia.

This farm has many potential streams of income and can easily expand the egg production in the near future!

Additional information about this farm can be shared to qualified buyers. This farm is a bio secure area. No visitors are allowed on this farm without contacting one of the listing agents first and scheduling a visit. Only qualified buyers will be allowed to visit the farm.

This farm is listed by Keller Williams Blue Grass Realty and marketed jointly with PoultrySouth and Southeastern Land Group. For more information please contact PoultrySouth.

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